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Feature:   Mosquito Genie® greatly reduces local mosquito population
Benefit:    Reclaim and enjoy your patio, deck, and yard

Feature:   Mosquito Genie® Uses all-natural ingredients
Benefit:    Safe for people, pets and the environment

Feature:   Mosquito Genie® is solar-powered
Benefit:    Self-contained, no power cord, no electric bill

Feature:   Mosquito Genie® light attracts mosquitos to kill them
Benefit:    Doubles as attractive accent lamp—looks good anywhere

Feature:   Mosquito Genie® is automatic—on-at-dusk and off-at-dawn
Benefit:    No maintenance, no monitoring—just set it and forget it

Feature:   Mosquitos flutter away to die
Benefit:    No mess, no traps to empty and clean

Feature:   Mosquito Genie® is quiet and peaceful
Benefit:    No zapping sounds to disturb the peace

Feature:   Mosquito Genie® kills only mosquitos, gnats and no-see-ums
Benefit:     Mosquito Genie® does not kill ladybugs, fire-flies or other beneficial insects

Feature:   Jar of Mosquito “Genie Juice” Solution good for 3-4 months
Benefit:    Low operating cost, no monthly maintenance

Feature:   Mosquito Genie® is simpler, smaller, and smarter
Benefit:    Not big, bulky and ugly like competition


When we asked people about existing mosquito products, here’s what they said—and we paid attention:

  • They don’t like an AC cord coming from a product
  • They don’t like dangerous man-made chemistry
  • They don’t like a CDC phone number required for toxic insecticides
  • They don’t like dealing with traps that have to be cleaned
  • They don’t like replacing a special light bulb once a month
  • They don’t like buying a CO2 container on a regular basis
  • They don’t like anything big and bulky on their patio or deck
  • They don’t like noisy “zappers” that kill ladybugs