Solar Powered Outdoor Lamp

Kills Mosquitoes —  replaces candles !


Mosquito Genie® is the world’s first all-natural, solar-powered outdoor organic lamp that kills mosquitoes.  It is perfect for residential homes, hotels, restaurants, and taverns.  This is an ideal solution for any outdoor area where human beings can enjoy an out-of-doors experience at the end of the day when the sun goes away and mosquitoes come out to prey. 

Mosquito Genie® is the new way to kill mosquitoes with no smells, man-made chemicals, CO2 or traps to clean-up or monitor.  It provides table lighting from dusk till dawn replacing traditional candles and bulky mosquito traps.  

And now for our top 10 question ~~ what are the top ten most mosquito infested cities? 

They are Atlanta, Chicago, Washington DC, Detroit, Raleigh-Durham, Boston, Houston Nashville, Charlotte and Dallas-Fort Worth.  If you live in any of these cities you need to order a Mosquito Genie® as quickly as possible to have a pleasant summer. 

Mosquito Genie® is so unique that it has been issued a registered Utility Patent, Design Patent & Trademark. It greatly reduces the pesky presence of mosquitoes, gnats and no-see-ums in outdoor areas.  Just set it and forget it.  

No longer will residential consumers or hospitality customers have to worry about mosquito bites because Mosquito Genie® will be killing mosquitoes silently while providing outdoor lighting – good for 3 months of service before needing a refill.  Mosquito Genie® kills mosquitoes, gnats and no-see-ums within a 30 foot radius of the lamp, covering over 1,000 square feet per lamp.  

About three weeks after you set up Mosquito Genie®, you should notice a reduction in your local mosquito population.  It is not an instant zapper and extreme mosquito problems in an outdoor area can require more than one Mosquito Genie®.  It’s good to get started early in the spring, when the weather starts to warm up and the first generation of mosquitoes begin to hatch. 

Mosquito Genie® makes your outdoor evenings more pleasant ˗˗ be it on a deck, patio, backyard, courtyard, balcony, gazebo or veranda, and looks elegant sitting outdoors day and night.  The solar powered, copper top charges up during the day and the light from the lamp shines from dusk till dawn attracting female mosquitoes.  Mosquito Genie® was created in California by an Engineering and Industrial Design team that has been recognized for design excellence by The Museum of Modern Art in NYC. 

Purchase these units now and enjoy a mosquito free summer because one female mosquito can lay 300 eggs 10 times a month during a 4 week life cycle.  This means one female mosquito can produce several thousand new mosquitoes next month.  Get started now and prevent thousands of new ones next month.

Mosquito Genie® is safe for people, pets and the planet. It is self-contained using no power cord, and there are no traps to clean out because mosquitoes just fly away and die.  It’s quiet and peaceful with no annoying zapping sounds to disturb your evenings, and automatically turns on at dusk and off at dawn.  It does not kill ladybugs, fire-flies or other beneficial insects. 

It is simpler, smaller and smarter than other competitive mosquito killing products.

In Summary:

  • Solar-Powered lamp attracts mosquitos and kills them
  • One sniff and the mosquitos are history
  • No Power Cord (AC) to plug in or trip over
  • Mosquito Control for 30 feet around each lamp
  • Harmless to People, Pets & the Planet
  • Patented technology — Defined by EPA — as a “Bio-Pesticide”


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