Solar Powered Outdoor Lamp

Kills Mosquitoes —  replaces candles !

See “How-It-Works”:   

  • Solar-Powered lamp attracts mosquitos to our Organic based mosquito killing solution!
  • One sniff and the mosquitos are HISTORY!  
  • No Power Cord (AC) to plug in or trip over
  • Mosquito Control for 30 feet around each lamp
  • Harmless to People, Pets & the Planet!!!
  • Patented technology — Defined by EPA — as a “Bio-Pesticide”


Introducing … Mosquito Genie® 


Mosquito Genie®is the all-natural, safe and organic way to manage mosquitos.  Organic plant ingredients decompose naturally, releasing vapors to kill mosquitoes that are attracted to the solar-powered light.

Perfect for a home’s backyard patio, porch, bar-be-que area, pool side or other locations!  The Mosquito Genie is also highly effective in hotels, restaurants, and taverns!

It is the world’s first solar-powered outdoor lamp that allows you to take back your backyard from mosquitoes.  It is the natural way to control mosquitos.  It even works for gnats and no-see-ums

Simply set it & forget about it for the next few months!

One female mosquito can lay 300-400 eggs 10 times a month during her four-week life cycle. Eliminating one female mosquito can prevent thousands from biting you next month.  

Mosquito Genie® looks elegant sitting on your outdoor deck or patioThe heavy duty (2-battery) solar powered top charges up during the day so your lantern will shine from dusk till dawn attracting female mosquitos.